Late Night Weighs In on Donald Trump’s $9,000 Fine

Late Night Weighs In on Donald Trump’s ,000 Fine

“I forgot to tell you guys, today was Take Your Kid to Court Day.” — JIMMY FALLON

“The good news for Trump is that one of his family members finally showed up at court today. The bad news is it was Eric.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Eric Trump attended his dad’s porn star hush money trial today, which in the Trump family is as close as you get to playing catch in the yard.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Today, the judge ruled that he will cancel court on May 17 so Trump can go to Barron’s high school graduation, which is funny because now Trump has to go to Barron’s high school graduation.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“He woke up from a dead sleep in court and yelled, ‘Objection!’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Hannah Einbinder, the star of “Hacks,” recalled her first time on television in a conversation with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday.

The rapper Doja Cat will appear on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.”

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