Cascale Appoints New CEO

Cascale Appoints New CEO

Former Under Armour COO Colin Browne has been appointed chief executive of Cascale, the industry initiative formerly known as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition said Wednesday.

The move follows the organisation’s February rebranding. The move was positioned as a way to acknowledge its broadening scope as it aims to address industries beyond apparel, but also served to distance the initiative from a high-profile greenwashing scandal that hit its Higg sustainability tools.

Browne, who also briefly served as interim CEO of Under Armour, has a background in operations, sourcing and manufacturing. He was previously chair of trade group The American Apparel and Footwear Association and was on the board of the World Federation of Sporting Goods.

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Sustainable Apparel Coalition Rebrands as Cascale

The change distances the initiative from a greenwashing scandal focused on its Higg sustainability tool and signals an expanded focus beyond fashion.

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